Singing Into The Golden Years

It’s hard to imagine the Plymouth Rockers [3] starting with just a handful of singers gathered around a piano. But in fact, the group was started in 1991 by just eight music-loving Plymouth retirees, who sang together at assisted-living homes. The choir has blossomed over the years into the full-fledged, city-sponsored senior chorus group it is today. Best known for their entertaining shows and signature red performance jackets, the Plymouth Rockers celebrated a milestone this past May: 25 years in the singing business.

The Rockers have 70 singers registered on the roster, all of whom are over age 55, and most of whom are retired. The group meets every Monday morning at Plymouth Creek Center [4] for three-hour rehearsals. After the practice, there’s a coffee break where members mingle and catch up. Even with so many members, people are still able to connect.

“Even though I’ve only been with the group eight years, it feels like I’ve known them for a long time,” says Jan Hannaman, a Plymouth resident who joined the group in 2007. She served as group president for two terms. “I like the fact that even though I am over the age of 65, I can still sing and I can contribute.”

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